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Acceptable pump heads are JY10 & D61x. The pump provides flow rates from 0.005 to 10mL/min. It can realize speed adjusting and direction changing and has functions of prime and external start/stop. It features compact size & easy to operate. BT501J, 0.005-10mL/min

Functions and Features:
  • Applicable pump heads: JY10 and DGtx (10 rollers).
  • Prime key for fast filling and emptying.
  • Speed, start/ stop and direction can be controlled through membrane keypad or through externa Control interface.
  • Memory function, storing the running parameters automatically.
  • Compact size, light weight and low power consumption.
  • Membrane keypad, easy to operate.
  • Good performance and low price.
  • At normal lab conditions
Flow Rate
The applicable pump heads for Lead2 are Leadl 5-48, Leadl 5-88, Leadl 5-24, Lead15-44 & max. 8 channels are available. The pump delivers flow rates from 0.01 to 350 mL/min. It has flow rates display & flow rates calibration functions. It also has functions of speed adjustment, start/stop, cw/ccw, prime (rinsing), tubing selection, 485 communication, analog contron, etc.

Functions and Features:
  • Accept 4 special pump heads
  • Planetary gearbox is adopted in its pump heads. This changes the traditional driving methods of tubing pumps, decreases abrasion, prolongs tubingjjfe and improves accuracy
  • Display can switch between flow rates and speed
  • Calibration function for more accurate flow rates
  • Computer control available through RS485 communication
  • Prime key forfast filling and emptying.
BT1001F, Dispensing, 0.16-500mL/min Applicable pump heads for BT100-1F are YZ1515x, YZ2515x, YZII15, YZII25 and D6-1, DG-2, DG-4. The pump delivers flow rates from 0.02 pL to 480 mL/ min and dispensing voiumn is from 0.01 ml to 9900 mL. Combining 128*32 LCD display with membrane keypad and rotary coded switch makes the operation easy and prompt. The speed can be adjusted manually or automatically through external control interface.

Functions and Features:
  • Acceptable pump heads: YZ1515x, YZ2515x, YZ1I15, YZII25 and OG-l, OG-2, DG-4
  • Micro flow rates transfering: The smallest flow rate can reach 0.16 ut/rnln
  • Back suction function: In dispensing mode, the pump runs reversely after stopping to prevent the liquid from dripping
  • Operating mode: Membrane keypad & rotary coded switch
  • Speed control: The speed can be adjusted manually or automatically through external control interface
  • Display: LCD displays current running status
  • MAX key: For fast filling and emptying
  • Memory function: Storing the running parameters automatically
  • Calibration function: The flow rates and the dispensing volume can be calibrated to increase the accuracy
  • Communication function: Realize computer control through RS485 communication interface