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ROVA-2L/3L, Rotary Evaporator
ROVA-2L/3L, Rotary Evaporator
RA-130, Portable Refractometer Data Logger

Features: Rotary evaporators are distillation units that incorporate an efficient condenser with a rotary flask system. As the flask containing the solvent is rotated it continually transfers a thin layer of liquid over the entire inner surface. This gives a very large surface area for evaporation that is effected by heating from the accessory waterbath They are the ideal tools for many everyday laboratory applications. including:
  • Concentration of solutions
  • Reclamation of solvents
  • Vacuum drying of wet solids
  • Degassing liquids
The rotating system is fitted with a special seal that allows the apparatus to be placed under vacuum. This reduces the boiling point of the solvents and removes the vapour phase making the process much more efficient. Each unit is also provided with an easy to use vacuum release and a continuous feed system, which allows more solvent to be drawn into the rotating Florentine flask without the need to stop the operation.
WBL-100, Recirculation Cooler
WBL-100, Recirculation Cooler
  • Sufficient cooling power to run 2 evaporators simultaneously.
  • Digital setting of temperature.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Powerful 450W cooling capacity.
The recirculating cooler offers powerful cooling for your condenser by accurately controlling the temperature of your cooling medium down to -20°C. A recirculating cooler is not only much more powerful than conventional water cooling, but is also an ideal alternative when water consumption is an issue for economical, environmental or practical reasons. For more information please refer to the recirculating cooler section of this catalogue.

Technical Specifications
  • Cooling capacity 450W at 10°C
  • Temperature range -30 to +100°C
  • Control accuracy ±1°C
  • Bath capacity 9 litres
  • Pump rate 9 liter/min
  • Net weight 32kg
  • Dimensions:W200xD450xH630mm
  • Electrical supply 230V 50Hz