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BenchTop Platform Shakers
BenchTop Platform Shakers
RA-130, Portable Refractometer Data Logger

  • Applications:
  • Cell cultures
  • Bacterial suspensions
  • Solubility studies
  • Staining
  • Extraction procedures
  • Destaining
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Washing Procedures
  • General Mixing
  • Hybridization
MRC orbital shakers are for shaking in ambient conditions on the bench or in incubator or warm room or cool room. These shakers are available in three models.

Model TOS-4030P - flat platform shaker, model TOS-4030T universal platform shaker and model TOS-4030F flask clamps platform shaker. Option: Digital speed controller & timer Platform can be easily removed and replaced by opening the four screws on the center of the platform. Model TOS-4030F platform can accommodate a mix of flask clamps. A powerful, quiet, space saving, reliable, either for gentle shaking of liquids or vigorous mixing of materials.

Maintenance free, the coated tray is proof against aggressive liquids. Simple operation, the control is set by means of rotary switch and the speed display is by analog tachometer.

Flexible platform system. All kinds of dishes can be placed on the platforms: beakers, erlenmeyer flask, test tube racks ets. Option: Digital speed controller & timer
MOW-3333, Waver Shaker
MOW-3333, Waver Shaker
Waver shaker offers the optimal movement for the multiple staining and washing involved in gel, blotting, microscopy and immunostaining applications. Its combination of vertical and horizontal orbital motion provides more rapid exchange of solvents and better mixing efficiency. Features:
  • Continuous or timed operation with automatic switch-off
  • Variable shaking speed from 5 to 100rpm for mixing and wash action
  • Two shaking moves in 2D or 3D
  • Adjustable platform angle
  • Interchangeable / stacking platforms, and accessories for a variety of vessels
  • 15kg carry capability
  • One of 4 digital red LED display
  • High quality DC Brushless motor
  • Easy to extension shelf
  • Light weight for easy mobility
  • Very easy maintenance
  • 330x330mm platform.