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SPECTRO-V11D Spectrophotometer
SPECTRO-V11D Spectrophotometer
SPECTRO-V11D is the only model of manually setting wavelength among families, But precise design & high quality components ensures excellent performance. It is widely used in high schools and colleges for general analysis and experiments
  • Optical System: Single Beam, Grating 1200 lines/mm
  • Detector: Silicone Photo diode
Features: Large LCD Screen(128x64Dots)
  • The wavelength can be read out from the screen directly
  • Auto zero & blank, easy to use. Press one button for easy switching of Transmittance, Absorbance & Concentration modes
  • Parallel port, data can be exported to printer directly
  • Coefficient method to measure the uknown samples. C=kA+B. It can memorize the Last input of K & B
  • Large sample compartment, it can accommodate 5-100mm path length cuvettes with optional holders
  • Pre-aligned design ensures the user to change lamp conveniently
  • Optional software M.Wave Professional based on windows® can expand the applications to Standard Curve & Kinetics
  • High quality silicon photometric diode detector and 1200 lines/mm grating ensure the high accuracy and precision.
SPECTRO-96, Fluorescent Spectrophotometer
The measuring sensitivity of fluorescent spectrophotometry is 2-3 order higher than that of UV VIS spectrophotometry. It can offer the information of excitation & emission spectrum, light emitting intensity & life, quantum yield rate, fluorescence polarization etc. and a wide linear range of operating curve, so that it has become an important means involved in trace analysis. It can be applied to the fields below:
  • Medical & clinical tests--Clinical analysis of biogenic testing material
  • Pharmaceutics & pharmacology-Natural pharmacon analysis, pharmaceutical quality control and pharmacon metabolism research
  • Biochemistry-Minute quantity substance measurement in biological body
  • Food industry-Measurement of trace components in food
  • Poliutant analysis-Air pollution, environmental hygiene detection, food pollutants etc.
  • Organic & inorganic chemistry-Analysis of trace components which can not be measured with absorptive spectrophotometry.
  • The measuring of 1200 line grating, large aperture aspherical reflector, very high sensitivity
  • High stable & durable xenon lamp and its power supply assure high stability of measurement and wide spectral range
  • Photoelectric multiplier of high performance can cover overall UV VIS region and has optimal SIN ratio
  • Auto null adjustment and background subtraction
  • Operating prompt with menu, arbitrarily setting up scale, adopting real time display of spectrogram in sequential or compound manner (96CRT)
  • Spectrogram access can be implemented at any time and complex spectral processing & arithmetic operation between spectrum and data can also be implemented (96CRT)
  • JAnalytical conditions, spectrogram and quantitative data can be stored or read-out on hard (or floppy) disc (96CRT).