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STIRRERS - Magnetic
MOS-1818, Power Large Volume Stirring, Up To 20Liter
Magnetic stirrer 175 x 175 mm with a heavy duty brushless (non sparking) induction motor with condencer. Exclusive powerful magnet is especially designed for most ef´Čücient magnetic coupling.
  • Stir up to 20-25 litre water
  • Gentle or vigorous stirring
  • Integral ring-stand holder
  • Include rear bracket for support rod.
Stirring Assembly: Electronic speed control provides constant torque over a speed range from 50 to 1200 RPM, regardless viscosity changes of the medium. Application:
  • Stirring viscous gels
  • Stirring latex mixtures
  • Mixing polymers, starches & Molasses
  • Standard reagent mixing
  • Stir up to 4 liters of aqueous solution
  • Aluminium top plate remains cool while stirring
  • For safe operation, all models include a power indicator light that illuminates when power is applied to the control
  • Quiet stirring at a gentle 100 rpm as well as at a vigorous 1000 rpm operation
  • Strong magnetic coupling ensures that stir bar remains coupled with drive magnet, even in viscous solutions.
MultiMagnetic Stirrer, Separate Speed Controller For Each Channel
MultiMagnetic Stirrer
The Multimagnetic Stirrer provides 4 to 6 stirring places. Separate stirrer control knobs and pilot lamps are provided, so that each stirrer can be independently controlled. 220V/50Hz. (On request 115 V/60Hz).