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PCR-300, Polymerase Chain Reaction
PCR-300, Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • Regulated lid pressure,. preventing the sample in a centrifugal tube from evaporation
  • Heated lid pressure warning device, prevent the excessive power which would easily damage the tube
  • This convenient and flexible heating modules changeable device could easy change its required modules
  • Electrical connections of modules are designed plug-to-plug, actually make the exchange wirelessly, the exchange is convenient and flexible
  • The completely closed Ampllification space can effectively prevent having dew on the inner surface of the tube
  • Amplification part and operation part is designed right-and-left structure,for using conveniently and safely.
PCRG-400, PCR Thermal Cycler
PCRG-400, PCR Thermal Cycler
  • The most advanced PELTIER technology.
  • Convenient and flexible fitting for exchanging block easily.
  • Large LCD panel enhances visibility and ease-of-operation.
  • Graphic display makes programming quick and simple.
  • With memory function in case of power-down.
  • Low noise,low energy consumption,long application life.
  • Large screen display, more intuitive to Inspect.
  • Optimal design of the human body,the operators more convenient.
  • Lid can be arbitrary angle positioning .
  • Handle-module, module replacement more secure and convenient